Articles from December 2010

Four KPIs to watch in US Housing 2011

Watch the US housing market in 2011 when housing prices are expected to fall yet again by another five per cent drop in house values Mortgage Housing These four Key Performance Indicators KPIs need to be watched as featured in The Wall Street Journal – quote – 1. Jobs: Call it a cop out because […]

Government Back Off on Privatizing Fannie Mae Freddie Mac

In early 2010 the Republicans were gearing up in an attempt to privatize mortgage giants Fannie Mae  and Freddie Mac Fannie Mae Freddie Mac But now as 2011 opens the GOP are saying any moves towards privatizing the companies would squeeze access to Home Loans and Depress Sales Politics as usual the blind leading the […]

Ten Steps to getting Mortgage Approval in 2011

Herein we index ten points that will have to be met and/or considered by 2011 mortgage applicants prior to receiving a mortgage acceptance qualification approval Mortgage Rates Point #1 Have  the Right Credit Score Point #2 Protect and preserve your credit Point #3 Shop around Point #4 Know your borrowing limit Point #5 Don’t reset […]

PRC Public Housing Fund Mortgage Rates to Rise

China has been experiencing a housing boom that has been ongoing for decades! Some of the reasons for this sustained development of new residential property is that many low income earners can find ways to step onto the home owner ladder One of the leading programs that offer assistance to secure a mortgage loan is […]

Mortgage Originations to drop under $1 trillion in 2011

A few days still left in 2010 yet analysts are already forecasting more of the same market conditions in the new year with Mortgage Originations expected to drop under $1 trillion in 2011 Mortgage Originations The facts are stark and visual for all to see there is simply a limited supply of money and it […]

Credit Score Disclosure for Mortgage Applicants starts January 1st 2011

One more clause that will have to be approved before mortgage applicants can get acceptance is that they will have to provide their credit score details before the mortgage company will process mortgage applications the new disclosure requirement is effective from January 1st, 2011 Credit Score Chart The regulators keep tightening the acceptance process by […]

Brett A. Thielen Mortgage Fraud Scammer bilked lenders of $2.5 million

Folks all over the States are beset with mortgage repayment problems as the iron grip of the recession drives on relentlessly Then all we need amongst these problems is a mortgage fraud scammer But be aware  they regrettably abound and they scam money from innocent folks Shakopee Valley News Here is one recent case courtesy […]

Mortgage Rates Edge Below Five Per Cent as the Year Ends

The end of the year sees some relaxation on mortgage rates as they ease for 30-year fixed mortgage rate receding to 4.96 percent The respected Online News Website has released these statistics – quote – Mortgage rates will probably go back and forth over the 5 percent mark in early 2011. The national weekly mortgage […]

How To Easily Obtain Bad Credit Mortgage Refinancing

The current credit crisis and weak economy have led to tighter reins on banking loan officers concerning who can qualify for loans. For most people with a credit score anywhere below perfect, the are not able to obtain a loan. However, there are some large exceptions to this rule. One of the largest exceptions is […]

Stock Industry Crash Lessons

Store selections market place is much like a industry location for businessmen. Within a public market place, items are sold in the direction of the community. In a supply marketplace nonetheless, voices are promoted towards community. Corporation stocks are sold inside type of points out to you. The far additional voices a man or woman […]