Articles from January 2011

Rocky Road Ahead for US Mortgage Giants

The players Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac well not again these two in the news one more time – we are tired of reporting the woes of these two very badly managed and regulated companies Here is clip comment from NPR – National Public Radio – quote – A lack of stability in home prices […]

US Housing Trends For 2011

So as the first month of 2011 exits what have we all to look forward to in the US Housing Market in 2011 Foreclosures More re-possessions to continue throughout 2011 Mortgage Rates More rises during 2011 Mortgage News More mortgage scams, more fraud, more misdemeanors from Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, more gloom and a […]

British Buyers Move to Invest in the Repossessed US Homes Market

British property investors (dissolutioned with the UK property market)  have moved away from the British market to buy houses in the Repossessed US Homes Market One buyer who has bought a four-bedroom home property in Detroit for £30,000 UK Pounds – $47,500 US Dollars  – they will now rent out the property – while at […]

FHA Program for Flipping US Houses Extended

The FHA – Federal Housing Administration are extending throughout 2011 a popular program allowing buyers of flipped homes to obtain loans However as usual these days in the States a dichotomy which may scupper this program is that folks in America have little or zero confidence in the US home market Reuters published more details […]

US Regulator Being Blocked In Accessing Faulty Mortgage Info

Well surprise surprise, the government backed regulator the Federal Housing Finance Agency are experiencing problems in securing information about faulty mortgage deals and transactions Reuters have a feature on the breaking news – here is a clip – quote – Nothing has been heard from the regulator, the Federal Housing Finance Agency, on 64 subpoenas […]

Up and Up Go US Mortgage Rates

US Mortgage rates set to reach as high as rates last seen in the spring of 2010 Rates for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage averaged 4.8 percent this week The market future looks to be set to slow up even more – is that possible! – rising mortgage rates will not stimulate the housing market – […]

US Home Prices Slip into Double Dip Crisis

The news we report today about US home prices is again all negative – when is the housing market going to recover! The US housing sector now descends into double dip crisis mode as house prices drop again in November 2010 – which is the fourth month-to-month decline in a row The LA Times have […]

Wells Fargo Poised to Lead Recovery in 2011

The Bank of America and Citigroup are still encumbered with in-house problems and dragged down in the wreckage of the financial recession But Wells Fargo look set to recover very quickly and have indeed released some encouraging trading accounts for 2010 with  $12.4 Billion US Dollars in 2010 net income, beating 2009’s number and placing […]

Think Tank to Support US Backed Mortgages

Can you believe this the US government have failed to stimulate the US housing market so now a think tank enters the arena to resolve the home market crisis The new player is backed by the Obama Government – oh dear that fills one with confidence NOT! Here are more details courtesy of Reuters – […]

US Mortgage Applications Hit Two Year Low

US Mortgage Applications hit the lowest levels last week since November 2008 When is someone going to act and get USA back to work and revitalize the economy Here is a Bloomberg clip on the market – quote – The Mortgage Bankers Association’s index of loan applications decreased 13 percent in the week ended Jan. […]