Articles from April 2015

Mortgage Rates at 6 Week Highs, But Why?

Mortgage rates moved firmly up to the highest levels since March 17th. Incidentally, there was a Fed Announcement on March 18th and another Fed Announcement today. While rates generally moved lower with good momentum after the last Fed Announcement, we shouldn’t be quick to assume that today’s Announcement is the reason they moved back higher. […]

We’re making progress toward ensuring fair access to credit

We’re releasing our third annual Fair Lending Report, which details the important strides we have taken over the last year to protect consumers from credit discrimination and increase access to credit. Our Office of Fair Lending and Equal Opportunity continues to identify and tackle discrimination in different financial markets, such as mortgages, auto loans and […]

Mortgage Rates Shoot to 1-Month Highs Ahead of Fed

Mortgage rates made it right to the doorstep of tomorrow’s big-ticket events with very little movement over the past 5-6 weeks. Once at the doorstep, however, they began losing their composure . This happens from time to time on the approach to events that have a lot of market movement potential. Even before the events […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Sideways Ahead of Fed

Mortgage rates haven’t been moving much lately, and today was no exception . Some lenders were a hair better than Friday while others were just a bit worse. On average, the most prevalently quoted conventional 30yr fixed rates remained unchanged for top tier borrowers. Most lenders are at 3.75% in that regard while a few […]

Here’s what we’re hearing from Servicemembers and their families

Today, we’re releasing our third Snapshot of Complaints Received from Servicemembers, Veterans and their Families. The report details the data and trends from consumer complaints we’ve received from members of the military community since July 2011. Here are just a few highlights: Debt collection complaints have continued to rise since our last report, and now […]

Mortgage Rates Finally Make a Move, But in the Wrong Direction

Mortgage rates finally broke out of a persistent sideways grind today. Unfortunately, rates moved higher at a fairly brisk pace . Whereas most lenders were offering conventional 30yr fixed rates of 3.625% on top tier scenarios yesterday, 3.75% is more prevalent today. Borrowers who didn’t see an increase in the contract rate will instead see […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Marginally Lower

Mortgage rates barely budged again today, which means they’ve been able to hold under an important ceiling as we head into next week’s Fed Announcement. Given the improvement in underlying market conditions, lenders are playing it safe with rate sheets. This could allow them more flexibility in the event markets improve further at the start […]

Mortgage Rates Hold Ground at Recent Highs

Mortgage rates didn’t move much today. While a few lenders were modestly improved, most were unchanged or offering slightly higher rates. This stands in stark contrast to most of today’s mortgage rate headlines that suggest rates moved lower. Chalk that up to the widespread dissemination of the highly regarded Primary Mortgage Market Survey from Freddie […]

Mortgage Rates Slide Sideways Again

Mortgage rates figure if they can’t be pushing down to new record lows, they might as well pass the time by shooting for different records. This time around, it’s the record for FLATNESS! We calculate an average 30yr fixed conventional rate every day based on the sweet-spots on multiple lender rate sheets. This gives us […]

Just When You Thought Mortgage Rates Couldn’t Get Any Flatter

Mortgage rates are on the warpath , blazing a ferocious trail in a more sharply sideways direction than we’ve seen in recent memory. This won’t last. It never does. But it’s, as yet, unclear what the catalyst will be for the breakaway. From there, it’s even less clear if the break will be higher or […]