Articles from May 2015

Mortgage Rates Microscopically Lower

Mortgage rates barely budged today. Those that budged moved almost imperceptibly lower from yesterday’s latest rate sheets. In general, there was simply very little movement in underlying markets and lenders’ rate sheets matched the tone. Ironically, Freddie Mac’s weekly rate survey results came out this morning indicating higher rates. Keep in mind that the Freddie […]

Why are FHA Loans So Popular?

This study confirmed what many people had felt in recent years: The FHA – stuck with massive losses from loans originated between 2000 and 2008 …… Google Alert – FHA Loans

Mortgage Rates Back Into the 3’s to End The Month

Mortgage rates moved lower again today , making this the 7th straight day where rates have either held steady or improved. Over that time, no single day stands out as clearly better than the others. Instead, the gains have been slow, steady, and varied by lender to a greater degree than normal. Despite the slow […]

HUD and Associated Bank Reach Historic $200 Million Settlement of ‘Redlining’ Claim

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced an agreement with Associated Bank, N.A. (Associated) to resolve a disparate treatment redlining case, one of the largest redlining complaints brought by the federal government against a mortgage lender. At approximately $ 200 million, it is the largest settlement of this kind […]

Mortgage Rates Still Not Fully Committed to Recovery

Mortgage rates moved sideways-to-slightly lower in most cases today, but only after underlying bond markets fought back from morning weakness. Before that, most lenders were offering slightly higher rates than yesterday, though the differences would be seen in the form of closing costs as opposed to in the rate itself. 4.0% remains the most prevalent […]

HUD Awards $6 Million to 29 Public Housing Agencies to Support Emergency, Safety and Security Needs

WASHINGTON – In an effort to address emergency, safety and security needs, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today awarded $ 6 million to 29 public housing authorities to help fight crime and drug activities at their public housing properties…. HUD Press Releases

HUD and Census Bureau Announce New Residential Construction Activity in April

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the U.S. Census Bureau jointly announced the following new residential construction statistics for April 2015…. HUD Press Releases

Mortgage Rates Barely Budge After Fed Minutes

Mortgage rates are ending the day very close to unchanged , following what was–by all rights–a supportive reading of the Fed’s April Meeting Minutes. The big, nasty surprise that may have been lurking (potential rate hike arguments for June) was instead ruled out. The Fed noted that many members agreed that the economy wasn’t likely […]

Mortgage Rates Unchanged Despite Market Weakness

Mortgage rates were unchanged on average today, though some lenders were slightly higher or lower than yesterday’s latest rate sheets. This is a small victory considering that underlying markets suggested rates should move slightly higher. Mortgage rates are most directly affected by mortgage-backed-securities (MBS) which tend to trade in line with US Treasuries. After this […]

Spring 2015 rulemaking agenda

As a 21st century agency created by the Dodd-Frank Act, we’re here to make consumer finance markets work by making rules more effective, by consistently and fairly enforcing those rules, and by empowering consumers to take more control over their economic lives. An important part of our mandate is to make rules more effective and […]