Articles from October 2015

Mortgage Rates Hold Steady at 1-Month Highs

Mortgage rates avoided any further damage today after moving to the highest levels in a month yesterday. The past two days made for the sharpest increase in rates since late August, with today’s offerings remaining relatively unchanged for some lenders and just a bit lower for others. Even after taking the minor improvements into account, […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in a Month Today

Mortgage rates continued heading higher at a fairly quick pace today, extending the move that began after yesterday’s Fed Announcement. That might come as somewhat of a surprise if you’ve read basically any other article about mortgage rates today. Reason being, Freddie Mac releases its weekly rate report on Thursdays and the rest of the […]

Mortgage Rates Jump After Fed Announcement

Mortgage rates moved quickly higher after today’s Fed Announcement. While the Fed was, by no means, expected to hike rates in October, there was a risk that the statement would introduce some verbiage that opened the door for a rate hike in December. Those of us that saw this verbiage change as a possibility figured […]

Mortgage Rates Steady to Slightly Lower Ahead of Fed

Mortgage rates were sideways to slightly lower today, depending on the lender. Whereas some rate sheets were carbon copies of yesterday’s latest offerings, others were markedly improved. Any discussion of movement in the mortgage rate world these days would be incomplete without pointing out the fact that everything has been taking place in an exceptionally […]

Mortgage Rates Slightly Higher Despite Opposite Cue From Markets

Mortgage rates moved slightly higher today on average despite strength in underlying bond markets. Normally, when bond markets improve, rates drop. Recently, however, lenders haven’t responded to market movements at the regular pace. This can happen during times of increased volatility–especially if the volatility is generally taking bond markets back and forth within a range. […]

Mortgage Rates Quietly Holding Near Lows

It wouldn’t have taken much for mortgage rates to outdo themselves in terms of volatility when compared to the past few business days. Last Thursday and Friday were particularly uneventful. Yet somehow, today managed to be even more so . Mortgage rates may be higher or lower than the previous day right at the outset […]

Mortgage Rates Only Modestly Higher Despite Market Volatility

Mortgage rates were slightly higher today, but did a good job of holding their ground considering the volatile market conditions. Rates take their cues from the trading prices of mortgage-backed-securities (MBS), which tend to move in concert with US Treasuries. News of China’s surprise rate cut sent Treasury yields much higher overnight and caused MBS […]

Mortgage Rates Back Down to 6-Month Lows

Mortgage rates continued lower today, largely getting caught up with yesterday’s underlying market movements. Lenders were likely being cautious due to prospects for volatility in today’s trading, not to mention the increased volatility seen on Tuesday and Wednesday. All things being equal, rates will be lower if volatility is lower because fluctuations in bond markets […]

Mortgage Rates Improve Cautiously

Mortgage rates bounced back to some extent today, after yesterday’s bigger move higher. The bond markets that underlie mortgage rates actually made a near-full recovery, but lenders remained more cautious in terms of their pricing strategies. Simply put, that means the trading levels in mortgage-backed-securities (which impact mortgage rates more than anything else) are back […]

Struggling to keep up with student loan repayment

We’ve all heard the stories. Whether from our friends, colleagues, adult children, or through our own experiences, we know that student loan debt is taking a huge toll on students and graduates across the country. With the total volume of outstanding student debt amounting to well over a trillion dollars, we’ve heard stories of its […]