Articles from March 2017

Mortgage Rates Steady, Depending on Lender

Compared to yesterday, today’s mortgage rates are a moving target depending on the lender. Some are better. Some are worse. On average, rates are unchanged from yesterday’s latest rate sheets. The variability has to do with yesterday’s fairly sharp losses in bond markets (which dictate rates). Lenders respond to that type of weakness in different […]

After Hitting 1-Month Lows, Rates Bounce Abruptly Higher

Just one day after hitting the lowest levels in more than a month, mortgage rates bounced higher today. For all intents and purposes, rates fell on Monday morning as the weekend produced no meaningful updates on the recent healthcare bill . Now today, Speaker Ryan and several unnamed sources have confirmed that the bill remains […]

Mortgage Rates Lowest in More Than a Month

Mortgage rates improved today, hitting the lowest levels in more than a month. Bond markets (which underlie mortgage rates) generally improved last week as the new administration’s ability to get policy changes through Congress was called into question by the breakdown of the new healthcare bill. As of last week, there was some hope that […]

Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower, but Volatility Looms

Mortgage rates were lower for the 7th day in a row today, further extending their push into the lowest levels of the month. At first, that positive movement was driven by relief that the Fed’s rate hike outlook didn’t accelerate as much as investors expected. That motivation ran its course by the end of last […]

Mortgage Rates in Holding Pattern Until Healthcare Vote

While some lenders were slightly better or worse versus yesterday, mortgage rates were unchanged on average today. This isn’t much of surprise considering yesterday’s much-anticipated healthcare vote never happened. It’s rumored to occur this afternoon, but markets won’t have much time to react before closing for the weekend. If you need to get caught up […]

Mortgage Rates Stumble as Political Uncertainty Weighs

Mortgage rates were slightly higher for the first time in 8 days as markets braced for the impact of political developments. The big issue of the day was (and still is) the healthcare bill set to be debated in the House of Representatives tonight. In general, if the bill is passed, investors will be more […]

Mortgage Rates Down to March Lows

Mortgage rates continued lower today as political uncertainty sparked the biggest day of stock market losses since the election. In general, short term pain for stocks benefits bonds. When demand for bonds increases, rates move lower. Today was no exception. Bond yields (which correlate with mortgage rates) fell in lock-step with stocks in the late […]

Mortgage Rates at 2 Week Lows Amid Political Uncertainty

Mortgage rates were steady-to-slightly lower today, keeping them in line with the lowest levels in 2 weeks and very close to the lowest levels of the month. For most lenders, that means conventional 30yr fixed rate quotes of 4.25% on top tier scenarios. Some lenders are still up at 4.375% and an aggressive few are […]

The Nation's Housing: FHA loans especially suited to millennials

A new analysis of loans closed in January found that 35 percent of borrowers born between 1980 and 1999 opted for Federal Housing Administration …… Google Alert – FHA Loans

Mortgage Rates Steady to Slightly Lower

Mortgage rates managed to maintain the improvement seen since Wednesday’s Fed announcement. While the Fed did indeed hike its policy rate, the hike was widely expected and had already been accounted for in longer-term bond markets (like those that dictate mortgage rates). The easiest way to understand this is to consider that most bond market […]