Crisis Solvers new mantle claimed by Mortgage Lenders

The spin stops right here, right now because mortgage lenders are now advertising as crisis solvers

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Well as the world begins to settle into 2011 we have one word of warning to one and all, please do not believe all the hype and spin that you see in adverts etc. For sure some of the statements will be true, valid and accurate

But check them all out get organized make background profile checks and historical performance record checks, It only takes minutes to check out the validity of an advertiser, so make checks routine because due diligence results will keep you in the comfort zone

Here is an example of advertising hype that progressed into fraud courtesy of Business Week – quote – Some Southern California subprime lenders are refocusing their operations on mortgage modifications, casting themselves as saviors to the distressed borrowers their industry helped get into trouble.

One of the lenders that evolved into a loan modification company is a firm called Green Credit Solutions, which the state attorney general is investigating for allegedly bilking clients.

Officials say Green Credit had some 6,400 separate loan modification files in its Foothill Ranch offices when they were raided and shut down by state officials in late 2009.

Investigators say it could be the largest loan modification company to attract legal scrutiny.

‘Once again be aware, be alert, be cautious – many companies are genuine stick to the ones with proven track records that deliver!’

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