Housing Market Forecast Trading Conditions will Stagnate in 2011

Forbes Magazine is a very highly respected news resource and they have published a report saying they expect that the housing market will stagnate in 2011

Forbes Magazine

Here is a news clip courtesy Forbes – quote – Housing will remain a drag on economic activity in 2011. Prices have re-accelerated to the downside over the past four months, as mortgage yields have risen and the housing overhang has increased. The housing overhang, as explained by Laurie Goodman writing in the Amherst Mortgage Insight, “is not caused solely by the number of non-performing loans that exist in the market. The problem also includes the high rates at which re-performing loans are re-defaulting, along with the relatively high rates at which deeply underwater loans that have never been delinquent are running two payments behind for the first time.”

Expectations in the housing Market are still gloomy there is simply no confidence in the sector recovering in 2011

‘The housing surplus inventory as simply way too high!’

Read the full report here


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