Interthinx Chicago Mortgage Fraud Risk Report

Leading software house Interthinx have developed a very sophisticated fraud analysis solution

Interthinx Mortgage Fraud Risk Report

Interthinx – quote – FraudNET is a network of data, pattern matching analytics, and industry experience that provides superior fraud prevention solutions to the mortgage industry. Intricate investigative logic and the most robust data sets in the industry, combined with complex algorithms and analytics, validate borrower information and interpret loan application data. The result is a technology network designed to uncover fraud exposure and provide data and findings not available anywhere else in the marketplace.

This application has been used successfully in Chicago – quote – While it is problematic enough that Chicago’s 60621 zip code has been rated the most at-risk for mortgage fraud in the country for three straight quarters, what is perhaps more disturbing out Interthinx Mortgage Fraud Risk Report numbers are the way that the risk appears to spread. According to the data-tracking firm’s analysis, Chicago as a whole has increased when it comes to risk of mortgage fraud from “moderate” in second-quarter 2010 to “very high risk” by the end of 2010, indicating that “ ‘very high’ risk at the zip code level can, in a short period of time, spread and elevate the overall risk of much larger geographies”

‘The FraudNET application could prove to be a very effective tool in ensuring that fraud is monitored, controlled and hopefully prevented!’

Interthinx _ Proven Risk Intelligence for Lenders and Investors

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