Over 1 Million More US Home Owners expected to lose their Homes in 2011

Another list of forecasts and mortgage news and again the news is yet again negative news

US Home Owners

This time it focuses around new reports from analysts saying that another 1 million US home owners will fall into default with mortgage rate repayments forcing the banks and finance houses to foreclose and repossess the houses that behind with repayment schedules

With already 2.9 million houses flooding the market as surplus houses on the open market for sale another million houses added to the stockpile will do nothing good all that will happen is that the market will faced with making sure that the huge inventory of houses for sale are reduced substantially before  the market will return to something near normal

‘If 2012 is going to start off with 4 million repossessed houses for sale – what good is that going to do the housing market!’

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