Mortgage Rates Continue Modestly Higher

Mortgage rates moved higher for the second straight day amid a general lack of actionable information. Some investors noted that the results of the elections in the U.K. were surprising, but not in a way that was any help to interest rates. In general, rates found most of their motivation from the absence of significant […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Slow Trend Higher

Mortgage rates haven’t necessarily moved higher every day recently. For instance, yesterday’s rates were unchanged versus last Friday’s. But the general trend has unquestionably been toward higher rates . In fact, rates have only moved lower on 3 out of the past 15 business days. While that sort of losing streak sounds fairly unpleasant, the […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Fighting to Build a Ceiling

Mortgage rates stayed mostly steady today, on average. For the record, that means some lenders were in slightly better shape versus yesterday’s latest levels while others were in worse shape. This is always the case on days where rates remain unchanged on average, but the discrepancies can be larger than normal at the moment due […]

HUD Offers $2 Million to Help Students in Assisted Housing Afford College and Continue Education

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today announced the agency is making $ 2 million in grants available to help low-income families and young people apply for federal aid for college and other post-secondary educational opportunities…. HUD Press Releases

Mortgage Rates Continue Sideways Slide Ahead of Fed

Mortgage rates were unchanged again today, making three out of the past 4 days where rates haven’t budged and 6 out of the past 7 days where rates moved by 0.01% or less, on average. That’s an exceptionally narrow range, and it speaks to indecision in financial markets ahead of this week’s major central bank […]

Mortgage Rates Continue to New 3-Year Lows

Mortgage rates move lower again today following last week’s Brexit headlines (the U.K.’s vote to leave the European Union). Indeed it’s hard to turn on the TV, computer, or radio without hearing about Brexit. Global financial markets are still in the throes of the “initial reaction” time frame. That means selling stocks and buying bonds. […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Higher to Begin Volatile Week

Mortgage rates continued higher today, and at a quicker pace than the modest increase seen at the end of last week. Financial markets are undergoing a change of heart regarding their approach to Brexit (market shorthand for a “British exit” from the European Union). Brexit fears had helped drive interest rates to long-term lows in […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Sideways for 3rd Straight Day

Mortgage rates were relatively steady again , marking the third straight business day with almost no rate movement following last week’s quick spike higher. That spike was all about financial markets quickly coming to terms with a higher probability of a Fed rate hike. Given that there hasn’t been any movement since then, we can […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Rising From 3-Year Lows

Mortgage rates moved higher again today, rising to the highest levels since last Thursday. That fact is contrary to the most of the mortgage-rate-related headlines out today, so what gives?! The discrepancy is simple and not uncommon on Thursdays. That’s when Freddie Mac releases its weekly mortgage rate survey. That data is subsequently gobbled up […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Higher

Mortgage rates moved higher again today, casting a bigger shadow on last week’s improvements. Rates haven’t yet returned to the higher levels seen at the beginning of last week, but they’re quickly closing the gap. Still, the notion of “higher rates” is relative when most lenders are still quoting the same contract rates today vs […]