Mortgage Rates Recover Most of Friday’s Losses

Mortgage rates recovered much of Friday’s losses today, moving back near the lowest levels in more than a month. To be fair, that’s a claim they could have made on Friday, which was still the 2nd best day in a month despite the deterioration vs Thursday. 2017 has consequently been “so far, so good” for […]

Mortgage Rates Give Back Only Some of Friday’s Gains

Mortgage rates moved slightly higher today, erasing only some of the massive improvements seen after last Friday’s jobs report. In general, most lenders moved one-eighth of one percentage point lower in rate on Friday. Today’s weakness isn’t enough to raise rates by an eighth of a point, so instead, the weakness comes in the form […]

Mortgage Rates Erase Friday’s Strong Move Lower

Mortgage rates moved substantially higher today in the context of recent day-to-day changes. In the broader context, we’re still talking about 30yr fixed rates that have remained in the “high 3’s” for over a week now. It’s just that today’s “high 3″ is an eighth of a point higher than Friday’s. Lenders that had moved […]

Mortgage Rates Erase Friday’s Gains

Mortgage rates have now given back the ground gained after Friday’s big jobs report. To put that in perspective, rates are now modestly higher than the 2-month lows seen on Friday morning. Today’s rates are more in line with Thursday’s, though most lenders are still in slightly better shape. That said, the most common conventional […]

Mortgage Rates Recover Tiny Portion of Friday’s Losses

Mortgage rates managed to recover only some of Friday’s heavy losses. The most prevalent conventional 30yr rate for top tier scenarios remains at its new perch of 4.0%, though a few lenders remain at 3.875%. That means that most borrowers will see today’s improvement in the form of slightly lower closing costs for the same […]

Mortgage Rates Continue Recovering From Friday’s Rout

Mortgage rates moved lower for second day today, with the combined improvements erasing roughly half of the losses seen on Friday. Several lenders managed to reprice to slightly lower rates late in the day. Those that didn’t would have extra room to improve rates tomorrow morning, all other things being equal. The gains bring a […]