Mortgage Rates Highest in More Than 2 Weeks

Mortgage rates moved moderately higher again today, as investors continued digesting the possibility of a “taper tantrum” in Europe. The US version of the taper tantrum occurred in 2013 when the Fed began signaling its intention to buy fewer bonds. Fed bond buying was a key motivation for the all-time low rates seen in 2012. […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in 2 Weeks

Mortgage rates moved moderately higher again higher today, as global financial markets continued reacting to recent geopolitical flashpoints (like the French election, discussed yesterday). Markets are also moving in anticipation of future flashpoints (like tomorrow’s tax reform announcement). In general, investors have piled back into riskier assets like stocks because the French election reduces long-term […]

Mortgage Rates Rise to 2nd Highest Levels in Over 2 Years

Mortgage rates rose meaningfully today, with most lenders coming close to the highest levels in more than 2 years (on December 1st). Keep in mind though, that my daily assessment puts rate movement under a microscope , so “rose meaningfully” is a relative term. In fact, many lenders are quoting the exact same contract rates […]

Rates Rip to Highest Levels Since July 2015

It was all pain , all the time for mortgage rates today. Since the election, the average conventional 30yr fixed rate has risen roughly 0.5%, putting November 2016 on a short list of 4 worst months in more than a decade. Two of those months were back to back amid the 2013 taper tantrum and […]

Mortgage Rates Highest Since Before Brexit

Mortgage Rates were higher again today, following much stronger-than-expected economic data. A key index that tracks the health of the services sector recovered from last month’s 6-year lows, hitting the best level in nearly a year today. Stronger economic data generally puts upward pressure on rates. Not all data is as potent in that regard, […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in Nearly a Month

For most lenders, you’d have to go back to late June in order to see mortgage rates any higher than they were today, although several lenders did offer improvements as market conditions allowed in the afternoon. Additionally, there really wasn’t much upward movement in rates from yesterday. Rather, this is simply the culmination of a […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in 2 Weeks

Mortgage rates remained under pressure today, moving up to the highest levels in two weeks. Financial markets are in the process of undoing some of their defensive maneuvers ahead of this week’s referendum vote on the U.K. exiting the European Union (informally known as “Brexit”). Until last Friday, those maneuvers resulted in rates moving lower, […]

Mortgage Rates Jump to Highest Levels in April

Mortgage rates jumped significantly higher today, relative to the almost perfectly flat trend that’s been intact for more than a week. We were already a bit cautious due to yesterday’s underlying market weakness, but today’s move was far swifter than yesterday’s imbalances would suggest. Viewed in the context of 10yr Treasury yields–a common yardstick for […]

Mortgage Rates Highest Since January

Mortgage rates continued higher today, making it back to levels last seen in late January. Today’s key event was a policy announcement from the European Central Bank (ECB) and the accompanying press conference with its president Mario Draghi. While the ECB’s announcement exceeded market expectations (rate cuts and bond-buying), Draghi said that additional rate cuts […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in a Month

Mortgage rates moved only slightly higher today on average. Some lenders were effectively unchanged from Friday, which is impressive considering the weakness in underlying bond markets. In general, rates continue to move higher in concert with stocks and oil prices. But whereas stocks and oil are closer to 2-month highs, mortgage rates are only up […]