Mortgage Rates Hold 2017 Lows Despite Market Volatility

Mortgage rates remained in line with 2017’s lows today, despite noticeable improvement in underlying bond markets. Under normal circumstances, bond market improvement equates fairly directly with mortgage rate improvement, but things aren’t exactly normal lately. On the simplest level, the timing of market movements over the past 2 days tells the story. The prices of […]

Mortgage Rates Higher Despite Friendly Market Movement

Mortgage rates are largely dictated by movements in bond markets–specifically mortgage-backed securities (MBS). When bonds improve, prices rise and investors are willing to pay more to buy loans. This results in rates moving lower. In other words, bond market improvement = lower rates. With all of that in mind, today is a bit of a […]

Rates Hold 2017 Lows Despite Market Weakness

Mortgage rates managed to hold in line with 2017’s lowest levels for a 2nd day, even though underlying bond markets suggested a move higher . That means the prices of mortgage-backed-securities (MBS–the bonds that dictate mortgage rates) were lower. When MBS prices are lower, it means investors are paying lenders less to buy mortgages. Lenders […]

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Mortgage Rates Hold Mostly Steady Despite Market Weakness

Mortgage rates were generally unchanged today. This is actually quite an accomplishment if you ask the average bond market participant. Mortgage rates are largely determined by bond market movement (specifically, that of Mortgage-Backed Securities or MBS). In the bigger picture, bond markets weakened today. Normally, that would push mortgage rates higher, but today the damage […]

Mortgage Rates Hold Near Lows Despite Market Weakness

Mortgage rates were steady to slightly higher today, depending on the lender, despite bond market weakness. Typically, bond market weakness results in rates moving higher, but the timing of market movements can be important. Specifically, yesterday saw bond markets move to their best levels of the day in the afternoon–too late in the day for […]

Mixed Bag For Mortgage Rates Amid Market Volatility

Mortgage rates were mixed today , depending on the lender. Discrepancies between lenders have been higher than normal over the last 24 hours for several reasons. This began yesterday when bond markets improved enough for many (but not all) lenders to offer mid-day rate sheet improvements. Some were more aggressive than others in that regard. […]

Rates Stay Near Highs Despite Market Improvement

Mortgage rates stayed close to the highest levels in more than 2 years today, even though underlying bond markets left plenty of room for improvement. Typically, when bond markets improve as much as they did today, rates would be noticeably lower. The inconsistency has to do with more conservative lender pricing strategies surrounding the holiday […]

Mortgage Rates Edge Higher Despite Market Improvement

Mortgage rates were nominally higher today, though you’d be hard-pressed to find any evidence of that on lender rate sheets. For all practical purposes, rates haven’t moved since last Thursday afternoon. During that time, any detectable changes have come in the form of small adjustments in closing costs, with no change to the interest rate […]

Mortgage Rates Surprisingly Steady Despite Market Weakness

Mortgage rates have been moving higher, in general, this week. That upward momentum tends to coincide with weakness in broader bond markets. For instance, when yields on US Treasuries are moving higher, mortgage rates usually are as well. That’s no surprise considering the bonds that underlie mortgages (MBS) are well-correlated with Treasuries. But what IS […]