Mortgage Rates Lowest in Just Over a Month

Mortgage rates moved just slightly lower today, bringing them to the best levels in over a month for the 2nd time this week. While that sounds somewhat impressive, day-over-day movement has been very small and the overall range has been very narrow during that time. For most prospective borrowers, a scenario quoted last week would […]

Mortgage Rates Lowest in More Than a Month

Mortgage rates fell fairly quickly today as investors adjusted bond market holdings for the new month (higher demand for bonds coincides with lower rates). Money managers have to hold a certain mix of bonds by the end of any given month and are then free to adjust holdings as the next month begins. This adjustment […]

Mortgage Rates Lowest in More Than a Month

Mortgage rates improved today, hitting the lowest levels in more than a month. Bond markets (which underlie mortgage rates) generally improved last week as the new administration’s ability to get policy changes through Congress was called into question by the breakdown of the new healthcare bill. As of last week, there was some hope that […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in Nearly a Month

For most lenders, you’d have to go back to late June in order to see mortgage rates any higher than they were today, although several lenders did offer improvements as market conditions allowed in the afternoon. Additionally, there really wasn’t much upward movement in rates from yesterday. Rather, this is simply the culmination of a […]

Lowest Mortgage Rates in a Month

Mortgage rates dropped again today, continuing a recent trend of improvement and bringing us to the best levels seen since March 1st. Market volatility is still making for a wide variety of pricing strategies between lenders with some of them easily back down to 3.625% on conventional 30yr fixed quotes while others aren’t quite there […]

HUD Kicks Off Fair Housing Month 2016 by Launching National Media Campaign that Depicts Shared Opportunity for All

WASHINGTON – The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) today kicked off Fair Housing Month 2016 with the launch of a new national media campaign that helps the public to envision what communities with shared opportunity for all might look like…. HUD Press Releases

Mortgage Rates Highest in a Month

Mortgage rates moved only slightly higher today on average. Some lenders were effectively unchanged from Friday, which is impressive considering the weakness in underlying bond markets. In general, rates continue to move higher in concert with stocks and oil prices. But whereas stocks and oil are closer to 2-month highs, mortgage rates are only up […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in Nearly a Month

Mortgage rates moved quickly higher today, bringing them to levels not seen since early February. It continues to be the case that context is important when discussing rate movement during that time. In fact, early February was approximately when rates leveled-off after a strong move lower to begin 2016. Everything has transpired in a range […]

Mortgage Rate Paradox: 2 Month Lows After Stellar Jobs Data

Mortgage rates moved lower today, despite an exceptionally strong jobs report–something that typically sends rates screaming higher. Recently, however, we’ve seen a disconnection between rates and economic data, and today’s jobs report was the ultimate test in that regard. Bottom line, the data was so strong that it would unequivocally have pushed rates higher UNLESS […]

Mortgage Rates Highest in a Month Today

Mortgage rates continued heading higher at a fairly quick pace today, extending the move that began after yesterday’s Fed Announcement. That might come as somewhat of a surprise if you’ve read basically any other article about mortgage rates today. Reason being, Freddie Mac releases its weekly rate report on Thursdays and the rest of the […]