Mortgage Rates Steady at Recent Lows

Mortgage rates held steady today, keeping them in line with the best levels in just over a month. That means the best-qualified borrowers putting more than 20% down are seeing conventional 30yr fixed rates of roughly 4%, depending on the lender. Some are quoting rates in the 3.75-3.875% range, but points and fees may vary. […]

Mortgage Rates Little-Changed Near Recent Highs

Mortgage rates improved somewhat today, on average, but the gains were modest. Some lenders were unchanged from Friday afternoon’s latest levels. That leaves us essentially in line with the highest rates since early April, after having been at 8-month lows just 2 weeks ago. From 8-month lows to 3-month highs is an abrupt move taken […]

Recent Mortgage Rate Stability Could Change Tomorrow

Mortgage rates moved modestly higher today, for most lenders. This had more to do with yesterday’s market movement than today’s. Bond markets were weakening yesterday afternoon (which typically results in rates moving higher). But the weakness came too late in the day for most lenders to bother with reissuing rate sheets. Instead, they waited for […]

Mortgage Rates Holding Most of Their Recent Gains

Mortgage rates were flat today, after weaker-than-expected construction data prompted a positive bounce for bond markets. In general, bonds (which dictate mortgage rates) improve when economic data is weaker. Before this morning’s data, rates were at risk of coming out slightly higher compared to yesterday’s latest offerings. By holding flat, rates remain very close to […]

Mortgage Rates Bounce, But Remain Near Recent Lows

Mortgage rates rose moderately today, as bond markets generally bounced back from the best levels in 8 months yesterday. Despite the bounce, rates are still in line with their best levels of the year. Only a handful of days have been any better and most of them have been in the past 2 weeks. We […]

Mortgage Rates Remain Near Recent Highs

Mortgage rates rose moderately today, keeping them in line with recent highs. The run to those highs took place largely over the past week as markets quickly adjusted their expectations for a Fed rate hike at next Wednesday’s meeting. As of last Thursday, market-implied probability was about as high as it ever gets. Similarly, rates […]

Mortgage Rates Remain at Recent Highs Despite Afternoon Bounce

Mortgage rates rose slightly today, on average, but performances varied by lender and depending on the time of day. Rates were higher across the board this morning as global bond markets added to yesterday’s weakness (weaker bond markets = higher rates, in general). Investors were on edge ahead of Trump’s inauguration address as there was […]

Mortgage Rates Mixed, But Closer to Recent Lows

Mortgage Rates were mixed today, with some lenders in slightly weaker territory while others offered modest improvements versus yesterday. The dichotomy has to do with the timing of yesterday’s market movements. Bond market began the day in weak territory yesterday but improved noticeably by the end of the day. Some lenders sent out updated (better) […]

Mortgage Rates Finally Break Recent Winning Streak

Mortgage Rates finally took a break from their recent winning streak today. While there are a few lenders whose rates are just a hair lower than yesterday’s, most are slightly higher. Moreover, bond market weakness in the afternoon prompted several other lenders to issue mid-day reprices to even higher rates. Of course, all of the […]

Mortgage Rates Near Recent Highs Ahead of Fed

Mortgage Rates were slightly higher in most cases today, although there were a few lenders in better shape. This runs counter to movement seen in underlying bond markets, which in slightly better territory on the day. The discrepancy is due to conservative pricing strategies among lenders ahead of tomorrow’s Fed Announcement, as well as the […]