Rates Fall Slightly to Remain Near 8-Month Lows

Mortgage rates were steady to slightly lower today, with underlying bond markets essentially erasing the damage seen yesterday. This was neither here nor there for the mortgage world as most lenders didn’t adjust rates much higher yesterday (despite bond weakness). Thus, they didn’t have much to do today when bonds strengthened. In general “bond market […]

Mortgage Rates Bounce, But Remain Near Recent Lows

Mortgage rates rose moderately today, as bond markets generally bounced back from the best levels in 8 months yesterday. Despite the bounce, rates are still in line with their best levels of the year. Only a handful of days have been any better and most of them have been in the past 2 weeks. We […]

Mortgage Rates Remain Under Pressure

Mortgage rates began the day in decent shape with the average lender roughly unchanged versus yesterday. As the day progressed, bond markets (which dictate rates) weakened. Most lenders were forced to reissue slightly higher rates in the afternoon. Any lenders who didn’t raise rates this afternoon will instead have to account for the weakness in […]

Mortgage Rates Remain Near Recent Highs

Mortgage rates rose moderately today, keeping them in line with recent highs. The run to those highs took place largely over the past week as markets quickly adjusted their expectations for a Fed rate hike at next Wednesday’s meeting. As of last Thursday, market-implied probability was about as high as it ever gets. Similarly, rates […]

Rates Remain Lower vs Last Week Despite Rising Today

Mortgage rates continued higher today, bringing them back in line with Monday’s levels. Part of the rise was due to weaker trading levels in bond markets. Just as important is the fact that many lenders didn’t raise rates yesterday afternoon as the bond weakness began (weaker bond markets imply higher rates). In other words, unless […]

Rates Remain Higher Despite Afternoon Recovery

Mortgage rates moved higher for the 6th time in the past 7 business days, even after several lenders offered mid-day improvements in the afternoon. That leaves them at their highest levels of the year, although things were worse for most lenders earlier this morning. 4.25% remains the most prevalent quote on top tier conventional 30yr […]

Mortgage Rates Remain at Recent Highs Despite Afternoon Bounce

Mortgage rates rose slightly today, on average, but performances varied by lender and depending on the time of day. Rates were higher across the board this morning as global bond markets added to yesterday’s weakness (weaker bond markets = higher rates, in general). Investors were on edge ahead of Trump’s inauguration address as there was […]

Rates Recover Nominally, but Remain Near 5-Month Highs

Mortgage Rates recovered slightly today, after hitting the highest levels in nearly 5 months yesterday. Unfortunately, that leaves today’s rates with the dubious distinction of “2nd highest in nearly 5 months.” It continues to be the case that lenders won’t be eager to offer major improvements on rate sheets, even if underlying bond markets improve. […]

Mortgage Rates (And Uncertainty) Remain High

Mortgage Rates didn’t move much today, with most lenders just slightly higher than yesterday. This keeps us right in line with the highest levels in more than 4 months. For the sake of perspective, outside the past 4 months, rates have hardly ever been as LOW as they are today. The average lender is quoting […]

Mortgage Rates Edge Higher, But Remain in Low Range

Mortgage Rates were slightly higher again today, marking the second day spent pulling back from a nice move lower that followed last week’s Fed announcement. Although mortgage rates aren’t directly influenced by the Fed Funds Rate itself, quick changes in the expected course of central bank policy can cause volatility for most any lending rate. […]