Mortgage Rates Lower, but Under Some Pressure

Mortgage rates moved lower this morning, more by way of catching up with yesterday’s market movement than anything. Specifically, bond markets (which underlie interest rates) were very little changed this morning. Because mortgage lenders hadn’t fully adjusted yesterday’s rate sheets to reflect yesterday’s strong move in bond markets, rates had a bit farther to fall. […]

Mortgage Rates Give Back Some of Yesterday's Gains

Mortgage rates had their first great day in several weeks yesterday, but ended up giving back some of those gains today. Bond markets that underlie interest rates took their cues from central bank statements. In Europe, unnamed officials suggested the European Central Bank (ECB) would announce a plan to decrease its bond buying in September. […]

Mortgage Rates Finally Find Some Traction

After spending the past 5 business days moving higher, mortgage rates finally found their footing today. The improvement came in phases, with today’s first round of rate sheets only marginally better than yesterday’s. Bond markets (which underlie rate movement) surged into stronger territory around 11am as investors pared risk during Trump’s press conference. This allowed […]

Mortgage Rates Give Back Only Some of Friday’s Gains

Mortgage rates moved slightly higher today, erasing only some of the massive improvements seen after last Friday’s jobs report. In general, most lenders moved one-eighth of one percentage point lower in rate on Friday. Today’s weakness isn’t enough to raise rates by an eighth of a point, so instead, the weakness comes in the form […]

Mortgage Rates Higher in Some Cases

Mortgage rates were mixed today, depending on the lender. Some lenders adjusted rates higher in the middle of the day to reflect bond market weakness while others maintained the same rate sheets all day long. The lenders in that second group are more likely to move higher with tomorrow morning’s first rate sheets, all other […]

Lowest Rates in 3 Years For Some Lenders

Mortgage rates moved lower today, following after the labor department reported lower-than-expected job creation in the month of April. Interestingly enough, the bonds that underlie mortgage rates did not improve today. Lenders were nonetheless able to offer noticeably improved rate sheets. Part of the reason is the uncertainty and potential volatility associated with today’s employment […]

Mortgage Rates Recover Some Recent Losses

Mortgage rates moved slightly lower today, recovering some of their losses from the first two days of the week. The average lender continues to quote conventional 30yr rates in a range of 3.75% to 3.875%, but today’s gains bring a few of the more aggressive lenders back to 3.625% on top tier scenarios. Day over […]

Mortgage Rates Regain Some Ground

Mortgage rates moved lower today, regaining a good amount of the ground lost over the past few days. The average lender rate sheet is back in line with those seen last Wednesday. While that leaves 3.75% as the most prevalent conventional 30yr fixed rate quote, it brings several of the more aggressive lenders back down […]

Mortgage Rates Weaker at First. Some Afternoon Improvements

Mortgage rates began the day moving slightly higher , further adding to the bounce back from Friday’s 2-month lows. This time around, however, the scope of the weakness was limited. It wouldn’t be unfair to say that rates held their ground at just marginally higher levels for most of the day. Additionally, trading levels in […]