Mortgage Rates Unchanged vs Last Week

Mortgage rates were generally unchanged today, compared to Friday afternoon’s latest levels. Only a handful of lenders responded to strength in bond markets this afternoon by offering rate sheet improvements. That’s a mixed blessing as it leaves other lenders with more to work with tomorrow. In other words, we’ll be heading into the day with […]

Rates Begin Week Unchanged at July’s Lows

Mortgage rates held steady today, which leaves them in line with the lowest levels in July. In underlying bond markets (bond movement directly impacts lenders’ rate offerings), it was an exceptionally quiet day–especially for mortgage-related bonds. Activity should increase somewhat as the week progresses. That’s a typical pattern for most weeks–all other things being equal […]

Mortgage Rates Unchanged to Slightly Higher

Mortgage rates were unchanged to slightly higher today, keeping them in line with the previous 4 business days. This 5-day block stands out from the previous trend that had taken rates generally lower since the middle of March, ultimately hitting the best levels of the year on April 18th. At the time, a majority of […]

Mortgage Rates Unchanged Heading Into Fed Week

Mortgage rates were unchanged today, holding onto modest improvements seen yesterday. In many ways, the past 2 days have confirmed that rates are in limbo near the lower end of the post-election range. To be sure, they were definitively lower in mid-April, but they’re much closer to recent lows than highs. More importantly, current levels […]

Mortgage Rates End Week Roughly Unchanged

Mortgage rates were sideways to slightly higher this week as global financial markets braced for volatility surrounding this weekend’s French election. While it may seem like a world away from the domestic mortgage market, events that potentially impact the stability of the European Union have a strong track record of filtering through to movement in […]

Mortgage Rates Unchanged With Help From Fed

Mortgage rates were noticeably higher to begin the day, but most lenders offered mid-day improvements after the release of the hotly-anticipated Fed Minutes (from the March 14-15 meeting). For those that don’t necessarily follow every little movement in the bond market, it’s ironic that tend to move down just after the Fed releases big news […]

Mortgage Rates End Week Unchanged

Mortgage rates fell today, undoing enough of this week’s damage to return precisely to levels seen last Friday. In simpler terms, rates ended the week ‘unchanged.’ That’s not for lack of volatility during the week! 4 out of the 5 days saw bigger-than-average moves. Tuesday and Wednesday alone pushed rates more than an eighth of […]

Mortgage Rates Unchanged at Multi-Year Highs

Mortgage rates stayed steady today, on average, though any given lender could be slightly better or worse compared to yesterday. Bond markets (which underlie rate movement) are beginning the process of winding down for the holiday season. That doesn’t mean that rates won’t move for the rest of the year–simply that the intraday rate movement […]

Mortgage Rates Unchanged at 2-Week Lows

Mortgage Rates held steady today, continuing a much-needed break from the move higher that dominated the first 2 weeks of October. While we’ve only seen modest improvements (or in today’s case, a mere absence of deterioration), it’s been enough to get the average lender back below last week’s best levels. 3.625% remains the most prevalently-quoted […]

Mortgage Rates Are Anything But ‘Unchanged’

Mortgage Rates didn’t move much today compared to yesterday’s latest levels, but that’s the only way to view them as being ‘unchanged.’ Even so, as is typical for any Thursday, news media is awash in the mortgage rate headlines resulting from standard-issue repackaging of Freddie Mac’s weekly rate report (Freddie puts out the numbers and […]