Mortgage Rates Hold 2017 Lows Despite Market Volatility

Mortgage rates remained in line with 2017’s lows today, despite noticeable improvement in underlying bond markets. Under normal circumstances, bond market improvement equates fairly directly with mortgage rate improvement, but things aren’t exactly normal lately. On the simplest level, the timing of market movements over the past 2 days tells the story. The prices of […]

Mortgage Rates Higher, Volatility Looms

Mortgage rates continued higher for the 2nd straight day after hitting the lowest levels in more than 7 months earlier this week. Wednesday’s big move lower was a direct result of political headlines relating to potential wrongdoing in communications between Trump and former FBI Director Comey concerning the FBI’s investigation into former National Security Advisor […]

Mortgage Rates Slightly Lower, but Volatility Looms

Mortgage rates were lower for the 7th day in a row today, further extending their push into the lowest levels of the month. At first, that positive movement was driven by relief that the Fed’s rate hike outlook didn’t accelerate as much as investors expected. That motivation ran its course by the end of last […]

Rates and Potential Volatility Are Much Higher Than Last Week

Mortgage rates were only modestly higher today, extending the recent losing streak to its 4th straight day. This keeps the average conventional 30yr fixed at 4.25% for top tier scenarios. Before that, it averaged 4.125% for most of February. Bond markets (which dictate interest rates) are taking their cues primarily from Fed rate hike expectations. […]

Mortgage Rates Higher as Volatility Continues

Mortgage rates have been volatile recently, with 3 out of the past 5 business days seeing much-bigger-than-average moves. After improving nicely yesterday, rates rose quickly today by nearly the same amount. Relative to the recent landscape, this leaves us in the same territory as Thursday the 19th, on average. Throughout this volatile stretch, top tier […]

Mixed Bag For Mortgage Rates Amid Market Volatility

Mortgage rates were mixed today , depending on the lender. Discrepancies between lenders have been higher than normal over the last 24 hours for several reasons. This began yesterday when bond markets improved enough for many (but not all) lenders to offer mid-day rate sheet improvements. Some were more aggressive than others in that regard. […]

Mortgage Rates Flat Ahead of Potential Volatility

Mortgage Rates were steady to slightly lower today, which keeps them fairly close to 4-month highs. 3.625% continues to be the most prevalently-quoted conventional 30yr fixed rate for top tier scenarios, but some of the more aggressive lenders are still at 3.5%. After rising sharply in the first half of the month, rates have leveled-off […]

Mortgage Rates Face More Volatility Despite Slight Recovery Today

Mortgage Rates fell modestly today, but only enough to bring upfront costs slightly lower for the same rates quoted yesterday. Still, it’s a most welcome development given the abrupt spike over the past few days (relative to the recently abnormal level of calm). That said, we can’t assume that it marks a change in the […]

Mortgage Rates Rise; Potential Volatility Ahead

Mortgage rates moved higher again today, after hitting the lowest levels in roughly 2 weeks last Friday. Like yesterday, today’s increase was fairly minimal in the big picture, but successive days of weakness can add up. Unlike yesterday, most borrowers would now be seeing slightly higher costs on today’s rate quotes compared to Friday’s. Here’s […]

Mortgage Rates Surprisingly Steady Despite Market Volatility

Mortgage rates held surprisingly steady today, even though underlying bond markets were in noticeably weaker territory. As bonds weaken, rates normally move higher, but there’s been a bit of a disconnect recently. In light of our discussion last week, perhaps it isn’t so surprising. We had anticipated that mortgage rates would start out with an […]