Turmoil in Egypt could influence US Treasury

Many people in USA are unaware that the crisis in Egypt could have an impact on the US economy

U.S. Treasuries

Here is clip of how the Washington Times view this issue – quote – Having said that, what might we, as American consumers, expect from our own economic point of view from the Egyptian crisis?

First, investing in international and global mutual funds always carries political risk. I noticed in the headlines last week that the Nile Pan Africa fund, which is an open-ended fund that invests in the African continent, was down 7 percent from Jan. 13 to Feb. 3. It also was noted that just 8 percent of the fund’s assets are in the Egyptian market.

Second, energy prices can go wild during times of political unrest in the Middle East. Oil prices spiked as soon as the riots began. This ultimately can affect our cost of getting to and from work every day.

Third, it’s good to look at interest rates. One might wonder how political turmoil in a faraway country could affect U.S. interest rates, including mortgage rates. On the one hand, rates could fall because of the “flight to quality” effect. Individual, institutional and government investors have money invested all over the planet. In times of regional or global

So we can see that the way the US government continues to neglect domestic and international problems – creates economic monetary and investment downstream

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