Two Banks Claim They Own One Staten Island House

Two banks now claim they both own the same house in Staten Island

The claimants are US Bank and Home123 Corporation, Home 123 is the mortgage holder but in this foreclosure dispute US Bank and its servicer, Ocwen Loan Servicing, have filed the court papers, saying they have the right to the ownership action

The lawyer Joseph Sant representing the unnamed home owner had this to say – quote – “US Bank is foreclosing on a home without proof that it owns the mortgage. That should not surprise anyone after the revelations of widespread robo-signing and document falsification in foreclosures,”

“What does surprise me is that the bank admits that it lacks key evidence needed to foreclose, yet is trying to bulldoze through the legal process anyways,”

Typical house transaction no one knowing who is the owner – ‘the blind leading the blind’

The NY Post has more news on the dispute here

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