US Home Prices set to Continue to Drop

There is no let up in the gloomy outlook for the US home market as house prices are expected to continue falling in value for some considerable time in the future

To date in this recession house prices have dropped from a peak and are now down 31 per cent but analysts say this year could see another 10% to 20% drop off the house prices

This present US housing crisis is the worst since 1993  and wait for the bad news if the housing market follows the 1993 crash then houses will fall a further 27 per cent in this recession

Future home buyers and speculators will be watching these statistics closely and based on these future price expectations, then for sure there is no benefit to be gained in buying a house now when waiting will see the same house for sale with the price further discounted between 10 and 27%!

‘There is no reason to justify buying a new house in the present market climate!’

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