US Housing Market poised for another Set Back

The out of control revolt and turmoil in the Middle East and the impact of the Japanese earthquake and tsunami look set to impact indirectly as the

US Housing Market poised for another Set Back

The hard facts are somewhat startling in a matter of only days the USA barrage on Libya has cost somewhere from $600 Million US Dollars to $1 Billion Dollars. That money has to come from somewhere and no foreign contributions are in the pipeline. So surprise surprise the beleaguered American Joe Public will have to stump up the money. Yes that means you!

Next we have the potential nuclear disaster – quote – “Fear of thousands dead has turned into reality; fear of a nuclear disaster has turned into a reality, fear that civil unrest in any number of countries would turn deadly has become a reality. We’re passing the fear and adapting to the reality,” – more – “and after a period of assessment, this often tends to level off interest rates and see them return to pre-event path (if perhaps with lesser velocity, in some cases).”

‘Until this hapless US Government stops meddling abroad and neglecting business at home in the USA – Expect more doom and gloom in the US housing market!’

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