Wells Fargo Rates Only on Offer for Best Borrowers

Financial houses often offer top deals, it is the way they do their business and they are of the opinion that promotion is the way forward with the lending schemes and processes

Wells Fargo

But the reality is that when a borrower wants to borrow mortgage finance at the rates advertised. Thereupon the rules change and the few that qualify must have a very impressive credit history and the low debt to income ratio

Hence if for example one wants to secure the lowest Wells Fargo refinance mortgage  Rates  at say 4.85% then as we intimated above only a select few will quality for a house mortgage loan at the lowest rates

By doing research online most homeowners will find that it takes a credit score above 740 and a very low debt to income ratio below 40% to have any opportunity to lock in to the lowest 30 year fixed rates. It is also important to remember that an annual income will greatly determine how much money can be borrowed when applying for a  home loan

‘As usual all it not as showcased when it gets down to advancing the mortgage loan!’

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